All of our products are developed and produced at six business locations around the UK. Each is a stand alone business unit and a specialist centre with expert teams focused on leading the thinking and development in their category. Each business is focused on its own product categories and customer relationships, with promise and delivery central to how they do business.

Riverside Bakery

The home of NO G. Riverside Bakery is the UK’s largest chilled quiche manufacturer. The business has its own specialist manufacturing facility and development team, focused on driving product innovation and quality in its category.

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Tottle Bakery

Tottle Bakery is a specialist in pork pie production and is one of only two businesses that sit within the PGI-designated Melton Mowbray pork pie region.

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Dorset Foods

Dorset Foods is Addo Food Group's frying facility with expertise in Scotch Eggs and Cooked Cocktail Sausages.

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Palethorpes Bakery

The Palethorpes business produces chilled sausage rolls, savoury hot pies, pasties and slices. The business has been producing products in this segment since 1852 and innovation is high on its agenda.

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Poole Bakery

Poole Bakery is the home of the Walls brand. With three bakeries under one roof the highly skilled workforce produce hot pies, pork pies, sausage rolls, slices and pasties.

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Spalding Bakery

The Spalding Bakery has a strong heritage in the manufacturing of a wide and varied range of chilled savoury pastry products.

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