About us

Our dedication to perfection.

For us, the most important ingredient is dedication. For over 200 years, Addo Food Group has utilised traditional and universally trusted methods to create some of the nation’s best-loved savoury pastry snacks, elevating the art of high-quality pie making and pastry perfecting to much-admired new heights.

On trend, on the table and on the move.

As the UK’s leader in savoury foods production and manufacture, we provide top UK retailers with on-trend, on-table products, whilst dynamically capitalising on the emerging opportunities in the food service, hospitality, convenience and grocery discounter sectors.

Savouring market success.

In a chilled savoury pastry market currently worth £1.1 billion, we continue to excel by setting new standards, achieving success in new categories and driving transformation across our businesses.

Moving forward, we will build on the considerable loyalty already established by our popular brands, attracting new customers to the table, winning new friends and creating new relationships built on the UK’s long-held affection for our famous pies, pastries, sausage rolls, quiches, and scotch eggs.