Our History

For over 200 years, the companies in the group have developed something of a taste for innovation. We have a long tradition of bakery excellence, setting successful trends, serving delicious new favourites and redefining the taste experience for successive generations. Today, we sell over 312 million products every year, both within our own branded portfolio and for our retail partners, establishing new standards for recipe inspiration across a wide variety of chilled savoury foods, ranging from pork pies, savoury pies, sausage rolls and pasties to quiche, slices and scotch eggs.


Before 1900 – 1910

1786 – Richard Wall opened a butchery in St. James’ Market, London and the Wall’s brand was established, beginning its sizzling journey to success. He quickly earned an enviable reputation as a pork butcher and word of his superb quality cuts of meat and delicious pork sausages soon reached the Royal Household.

1808 – Abraham Bowyer began producing quality pork products in Wiltshire, a precursor to the creation of the Bowyers brand

1857 – Palethorpes Bakery established by Henry Palethorpes

1897 – William Miller opens pie and sausage shop in Poole

1910 – George Adams opens butchers in Spalding


The 1930s and 1940s

1931 – Pork Farms pie shop opened in Nottingham

1937 – William Millers son opens model factory in Poole (Millers bakery)

1947 – Kenneth Parr buys Pork Farms shops


The 1950s and 1960s

1957 – Bakery built behind George Adams shop

1960 – Dorset Foods founded producing frozen desserts

1967 – Market Drayton factory built

1969 – Pork Farms bought by Samworth Brothers



The 1970s and 1980s

1973 – Pork Farms moves to the Queens Drive site in Nottingham

1974 – Iconic Richard Wattis Pork Farms advert

1978 – Northern Foods purchases Pork Farms

1980 – Northern Foods purchases Dorset Foods and refurbishes to being a dedicated scotch egg factory

1982 – Northern Foods opens Riverside Bakery to produce fresh meals, quiche, flans and tarts


The 1990s

1990 – Crescent House (Spalding Bakery) was built

1991 – Kerry Foods acquires Millers

1992 – Wall’s entered the pastry market

1998 – Extension of Riverside Bakery


The 2000s

2007 – Vision Capital acquired Pork Farms Group (comprising of Pork Farms Bakery, Dorset Foods, Riverside Bakery, Palethorpes)

2007 – Riverside ceased to produce ready meals and focused on being leading experts in quiche & tarts

2014 – Vision Capital (Pork Farms Group) acquired Poole Bakery (Millers site) and Spalding Bakery (George Adams) along with the brands Wall’s & Millers.

2014 – The creation of NO G, which won the Grocer award for top launch in 2014 and became the largest manufacturer of gluten-free pastry

2015 – The Addo Food Group was created and Pork Farms Queens Drive site renamed Tottle Bakery.

2016 –Wall’s Pastry and Pork Farms both relaunched under new packaging and positioning with the Pork Farms relaunched supported by a return to TV advertising.

2017 – LDC become the major institutional investor of Addo Food Group as Vision Capital exit. Our market leading Gluten Free brand No. G was relaunched under the brand name Too Good To Be…

2019 – Wall’s innovative approach sees the brand launch a new range of Vegan and Chicken products as part of the move towards ‘healthier snacking’ in response to change consumer tastes.