Employee Spotlight: Bev Drury

Name: Bev Drury


Job Role: Line Leader


Site: Tottle Bakery


Number of Years at Addo: 39



Bev was born in Clifton and is now based in Arnold. Starting at 18 working in wrapping Bev has progressed through the business into her role today as a line leader.



Some of Bev’s fondest memories of Tottle were shared in the staff weekends organised regularly through the site. The social club used to be a big part of life at Addo, whether it was a night out in town or a holiday. Bev added the sense of community is something that has always been present at Addo.


A day at Riverside:

Bev wanted to experience Riverside as in 39 year she’d never been there. Addo arranged for Bev to spend a day with the development chef’s making her own Quiche and running a taste panel.


Why the Spotlight?

We wanted to highlight all the great service our staff have shown to the group and celebrate the journey. We’d like to thank Bev for her time and letting us know more about the experiences at Addo Food Group