Employee Spotlight: James Stanley

(James Stanley)

Job Role: Group Leader


Site: Addo Food Group/ Poole Bakery/ Bakery 1 Pack


Number of Years at Addo: 6



GCSE’s English, Math, Double Science, Geography.

Construction (Drylining)

Retail (In store Bakery)

CMI Level 5 In management and Leadership


James’s Story

I started my career as an agency worker moving between departments for the first few weeks. I then settled down working in the Wash house department within Cold pie make. It was there I started working for Shaun Lockyer who was then the manager of CPM.


Through just a bit of casual chatting I told him I have an interest in computers both repairing and building in my spare time. It was from this he asked if I would be willing to update the departments SOP’s as they were outdated and needed to be rewritten, so over the new couple of months I spent time creating new SOP’s from scratch as well as helping Shaun implement some new KPI sheets and trackers.


A short time after that the business had a project in progress for implementing the MRP system within the Addo group. Shaun was asked to recommend someone from the department to join the project and help set up the system to work with our current process flows and also act as department trainer to help a smooth transition onto M3.

As I had already done a train the trainer course and was the departments manual handling trainer at this point I was perfect for the role.


I learned a lot on the project and did a good amount of networking with people I would have otherwise not been involved with in my daily work life after around 8 months the project was wrapped up and the M3 system was launched at Poole, I was asked to stay on for a couple of months to help with troubleshooting and attending daily meetings with the senior management to feedback how it was coming along.


Having started as a C grade operative working in a wash room I come back into the department as a line leader after applying for a vacancy so I was now working with Shaun Lockyer once again.


I was only a couple of months into my new role when an opportunity arose to step up and cover the Group Leader position. At the time my direct manager’s 2IC could not be released so I was asked if I would be willing to run the department. It was a huge step up for me and quite daunting at the time but I stepped up to the challenge and with some support from Shaun managed the department through its busiest time over Christmas.


It was not long after this that the factory underwent a restructure of the shift pattern, this created an opportunity for me to apply for a full Group leader position. I was successful and was appointed as the GL for PS2 Make Rad 1. After a year managing this department I was then moved to my current department in PS1.



What do you find most rewarding about your role?


One of the most rewarding things I get from my job is helping with the development and progression of others. I really enjoy mentoring other employee’s and helping them further their careers at Addo.


What Makes Addo Special?


My favourite part about working at Addo is that there is always an opportunity to keep moving my career forward. I’ve now stepped into a 2IC position for my Bakery manager and cover him during Holidays and absence. This allows me to continue to grow within the business and opens future opportunity to progress.