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The award is about recognising those women who have been chosen by their colleagues for as an inspiration that the can take courage and determination from, standing against prejudice and social barriers.

Deborah Bolton has worked hard to create the right environment at Riverside Bakery and Dorset Foods, of which she is the Divisional Managing Director, in which young women will be recognised and treated fairly.

She says: “Being entered for the award has given me a validation for all the hard work I have put into nurturing my colleagues and the business through my time here.  We have such a supportive network at Addo Food Group and my aim is to continue encouraging more young women who are coming up through the ranks, leading the way for the next generation of female entrepreneurs and business leaders”. 


The need to focus on the bottom line can take over a business – often the hard-nosed culture prevails.  But then there are also managers who realise that to succeed and for people to be inspired, you have to do things a little differently, and think about staff members as people.  Cue an initiative introduced by Ms Bolton at Addo, which she says has helped to bring the personal into the business.


“A caring environment is an important factor for me and I have been the driving force behind the family-friendly atmosphere at Riverside Bakery”, she says.  “I introduced a programme that supports and encourages  children of employees by offering them the opportunity to complete work experience with us.  Not only does it help local talent but seeing their parents at work is a great way to encourage young people to go out and be proactive in developing their own studies and careers.”