Our Brands

With a product portfolio which includes some of Britain’s best–known food brands in their own right, each of the brands in the Addo Food Group brings something unique to the table.



Pork Farms

Pork Farms

All pork pies are not created equal. As every pork pie purist knows, it takes exceptional taste, sublime texture and a total dedication to pastry excellence to create the iconic salad, picnic, party, and snacking favourite. And of them all, Pork Farms is one of the nation’s favourites, with over 30 million pies sold every year.

Established in 1931, what sets Pork Farms apart is our combination of British Pork and perfect pastry. Our unique pastry recipe and baking techniques ensure all of our pies have a distinctive, crunchy quality which makes them enduringly popular.

In addition to our core pork pie range, we are also located within the PGI protected area for Melton Mowbray Pork Pies Pork Pies, which we are also proud to produce.




The world-famous Wall’s brand has been gracing our tables and pleasing the nation’s palates for more than 200 years.

Today, Wall’s Pastry products are a true snacking and sharing success, from the iconic Walls Jumbo Sausage Roll through to a new generation of mouth-watering favourites such as our Chicken Tikka, Peppered Steak and Chicken & Bacon baked pastries.

Whether it’s lunchtime, snack time or family get together time, Wall’s has always been ahead of its time for catering for dietary preferences. So recently, we’ve extended our on-table offering to include a new Vegan range which includes our unique plant – based filling that’s seasoned just like our classic sausage rolls, together with our deliciously different new BBQ Jackfruit Vegan roll.

For those who like to keep their lunchtimes and snack times lean but high in protein, we’ve also developed our all-new Chicken range as an outstanding option to our popular pork products. They’re just one of the low-fat highlights of our ‘healthier snacking’ range.





The Bowyers brand has been synonymous with quality pork products since 1808, when Abraham Bowyer excelled in the provision of home-cured bacon and sausages in Wiltshire.

Like many of the UK’s most notable snacking achievements, his recipe for success was deliciously simple and simply delicious, with perfectly seasoned British pork wrapped in a crisp, flavoursome pastry, resulting in legendary pork pies and sausage rolls of a finer flavour.

Today, the Bowyers brand retains its huge following; a much sought-after favourite offering excellent value and exceptional taste, available through convenience and discounter channels.



Millers Logo


The Millers Bakery success story has something of a family flavour. When the small family bakery opened in 1937 supplying family run bakery shops across the country, Millers’ traditional slow-cooked meat recipes had a rapid rise to success, quickly establishing the brand as a national favourite.

Today their pastry is still made by expert bakers as the perfect accompaniment to their famous savoury fillings and enjoys exceptional popularity through convenience store channels.