Established in 1786 Wall’s has been satisfying British taste buds for more than 200 years. Walls sausage rolls in particular are a hugely popular product. Their convenience and reliably tasty flavour make them a snacking favourite loved by all.

Wall’s Sausage Rolls come in a wide number of variations making them the perfect quick and tasty snack, ideal for picnics or even as a lunchtime treat with the Walls Jumbo Sausage Roll. Not only used as a snack, but also great for a quick tasty dinner, a few minutes in the oven creates a quick and easy meal. Walls has also extended its rolls into Cheese & Onion and Breakfast, and increased its range into Scotch Eggs, Pasties and slices, offering a range of mouth-watering flavours such as Chicken Tikka, Peppered Steak and Chicken & Bacon baked pastries.

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